Welcome to my salon, the Intrepid Ladies Adventure Club and Tea Society, named in homage of the great women of exploration throughout history. In my salon, we will absolutely go adventuring! There will be hiking in National Parks, trips to world renowned museums, basking in the sun with our toes in the sand, as well as gentler pursuits like taking tea at various tea rooms around Northern California. Like in the salons of the past, we will talk, discuss, and even debate the latest discoveries in all manner of fields, such as science, history, art, and literature. We will learn from experts in their fields of study.

We will also be embracing our whimsical side! There will be a Jane Austen themed tea to welcome new comers. On May Day, we will have a party fit for the Fairy Queen herself. Around Halloween, the witches will gather for the annual Witch's Tea.

I invite you to lace up your hiking boots, dust off that explorers notebook, and join me on some Intrepid Adventures!

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