Hi there! I'm Kimberley, but you can call me Kim. I currently call Northern California home, but, coming from Alaska, adventure is in my blood. The unknown calls to me. When I was little (and I actually still do this!), I would daydream about strapping on a backpack and hitting the trail to see what was on the other side of the hills, or that I was a famous explorer discovering an unknown tomb in the Valley of the Kings. I would pretend that I was fighting my way through the underbrush of the Amazon Forest, or diving in an unexplored sea cave looking for signs of Atlantis. Far off places hold magic for me. 

During the day, you can find me molding the next generation through Science...Mad Science, that is. I love teaching kids about the world around them, whether it be the life cycle of the stars or how to tell if a chemical reaction has taken place. I am a student, myself, of the ancient art of Alchemy. History is one of my passions, so combining two of my loves was not a far leap. 

I have an artistic side too. I am a belly dancer, seamstress, and would-be author. I have found that the analytical needs to be balanced with the creative. Siren School is allowing me to do just that!

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